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The company I work for used to do this very job with a water jet cutter. But it’s fiddly and a pain in the butt

I have learned so much about foam cutting today. Thank you, kind souls.

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you will laugh but there are really people who cut foam for briefcases when you need it

You are my hero for knowing this.

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Has anyone else ever wondered how people always have those briefcases with the foam that perfectly matches the shape and size of the things in it? I mean is there some guy who makes foam for all these people to perfectly match money, guns, chitauri neural links, etc? Sorry for the rambling, but I just had to throw that out there. 

Exhibit A:


rebuild: build [something] again after it has been damaged or destroyed

My laptop is finally working again, but now I’m going to a Mat Kearney concert, so the AOS Binge starts tomorrow! Sorry!

My laptop is having issues (again), so unfortunately my AOS binge is going to have to wait. Sigh.

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So I really want more Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. on my dash, so reblog/ like if you post Agents of Sheild and/or ship